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Checkpoint Updates and Clarifications

Travel Permits and Quarantine

As of August 5, 2020, the mandatory 14-day quarantine for residents returning to the Cheyenne River Reservation from hotspots is no longer in effect for Levels 1-4 of theĀ Covid-19 Response Plan, and the Travel permits that provided exemptions to the quarantine are no longer needed. If the Reservation were to move to Level 5, the mandatory quarantine would be brought back, and the Command Center will again start issuing permits to leave/enter the Cheyenne River reservation.

As of Aug 7 residents may travel at their own risk and are recommended to quarantine for ten days upon returning to the Reservation from a hotspot. Non-residents traveling for non-essential reasons coming from a hotspot will be turned around.

Essential travelers include but are not limited to Essential Workers, Emergency Personnel, and those traveling to or through the Reservation for purposes including but not limited to Agriculture, Commerce, and Medical Appointments. If you are unsure if your reason for travel is essential, please call the Checkpoint Station at 1-605-964-6444.

To see today’s hotspot map see our home page

We ask that if you plan on traveling onto/off of the Reservation that you practice the proper PPE, wear masks, gloves, use hand sanitizer, stay home and call the covid hotline 1 (605) 964-0563 if you believe are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19.

Questions? Call the command center at 1 (605)-964-3637 or message us here on Facebook with any questions.